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Strongly in dollar weakness in gold has come. 3.1 ounces of gold to $ 1,535 dollars on Comacs Ludhkakara level has come. While silver is trading above 36.5 dollars per ounce. 22 523 rupees per 10 grams in the domestic market yesterday, gold closed at the level.
Base Metals demand is going to decline to reduce fear. Copper, zinc, nickel and lead in the 1 to 1.5 per cent decline is on the business.

Today gold and silver on Monday after rapid eye pressure is coming. 1543 dollar gold and silver are trading at the level of $ 36.5.

Silver prices came about 5 dollars fast Silver with the strength of 1.6 per cent reached close to $ 37.Today’s sharp decline in copper. Copper down on MCX is trading around 1 percent. While the decline in silver has seen. However, today after yesterday’s fall in wheat has been shopping. But about 1 per cent red pepper forward’s broken.

Today our eye on crude oil. In fact, the OPEC meeting in Vienna today is going to be. OPEC crude oil production quotas at the meeting may decide to increase. Meanwhile, crude oil has gone down and feel at Naimacs of $ 99 are also coming down. Rs 4,400 per barrel of crude oil in the domestic market is also trading down. Special is that waiting for the OPEC meeting last only 5 days in the business sense of crude oil has come down about 5 per cent.

According to Shyam Advisory Experts to investors :

MCX Crude Oil (June Futures): Sell – 4410-4420, Steugpalugss – 4460 and target – 4330

MCX Copper (June Futures): Sell – 409, Steugpalugss – 413.50 and Target – 402

NCDEX Mustard (June Futures): Buy – 2895, Steugpalugss – 2865 and target – 2950

Gold (june Futures): Buy – 22 730, Steugpalugss – 22 700 and the target – 22 875

OPEC decided to increase the crude oil production has not. So crude oil have gone up and beyond in the international market of crude oil has reached $ 100.

Naimacs half per cent of the crude oil surge of 101.34 dollars per barrel level with doing business. While crude oil in domestic market yesterday closed with the consolidation of 2.5 per cent.

OPEC oil producing countries in Vienna at a meeting of the organization’s decision to increase crude oil production quota expected drop in crude oil prices yesterday because it looked too.

After the 2008 OPEC production quota is not increased. Divided into two factions over the OPEC production increase has been. Countries like Venezuela and Iraq is not in favor of increasing production. While some member states to help move sluggish global economy to increase crude oil production in favor.

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